My 4th & last week of the RESET Phase

This is was my last week of the reset phase, and I am a little nervous about what is next, sounds very interesting, finally, we are gonna code!

This last week was all about computing & science, and testing. I focused more on the testing, and that is because I think that is going to help a lot during the next phase, “Build something from Scratch”. I never used to test my projects during my short time as a developer, but for now, I will do it, big companies do, so I better start doing better practices while coding.

Now I know there are a lot of different tests, and all of them test different parts of the code, depending on what you want to test.

On the other hand, about computing and science, I loved the video of we should have our black box, and that's because with it we can learn from our errors just as the airlines learn about the crushes or failures in their planes, preventing futures crashes.

And that's it, it was a good week with some personal troubles but being focused on the academy and learning new stuff always helps to lift your spirits.




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Eduardo Zamarrón

Eduardo Zamarrón

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