My 4th week in the open-source phase.

Eduardo Zamarrón
2 min readDec 22, 2020


Hi there, well today has ended my 4th week at the open-source phase; I don't know how to feel about it, you know I think I have been learning a lot but at the same time I think that I have few days to finish all my PR.

Actually, I am a little late right now because weel I got trapped in an issue from Mongoose, actually, on my second week I think I talked about it, it was an issue that turned difficult for me so I left it, it is supposed to be easy but it became a little harder because it is not as easy to rename a variable, so you have to see what it affects because, the problem here is that some methods can interfere with it, even if is not the same variable. I decided to give it another try and not to give up so easily, I think is a good project and it will be great to contribute to it.

In general, I think now I am catching better on what to do with the issues, and that's because now I have 3 pull request done, 2 of them are merged and the other one i think is in process, but is turning easier to understand how the open-source works, of course, every project has his own rules but you just have to lose the fair and face them.

I won't lie to you that I am nervous because my deadline is the next week, and still have 3 PR’s to be merged, and as everyone knows t the end of the week is going to be Christmas and I guess that the owners of the projects won't be able to work on the weekend, I hope they do because I will do it, I got behind on this phase so I need to replace the lost time.

My mentors are really helping me, on their way because sometimes they don't understand at all because one of them is full Java and the other one is a DevOps so is kind of difficult but they are learning with me, I really appreciate that from them.

Please send me all your good vibes so I can finish all my PR’s on time, I will let you know how was it.

PS. Merry Christmas, my best wishes to all of you guys!