My Second Week in Open Source phase

Eduardo Zamarrón
3 min readDec 8, 2020


Today is the end of the second week and well, I need to say that this one has been the most difficult week of the academy, for real guys I have never faced something like it, and it is not because we have a lot of homework or stuff like that, it is because for me has been very difficult to read and understand projects from others.

We need to make 2 PR, solving an issue from the stacks we decided, so the first real problem is to start looking for projects that are not that big because sometimes those projects have too many issues, and to understand the real problem or the issue is very difficult, because for that sometimes you need to understand the whole project, and well that's going to take so many time because at least for me, to understand others code is very annoying and difficult. Well after you found a project we were said to look for issues that had the tag good first issues because those are issues that well, are good for first contributors and maybe are not necessary to understand like the whole project.

So after two days of research for issues that I thought I could understand, well I decided to start working on them, so I fork the repos, (I forked mongoose repo and jasmine repo), I start looking to reproduce the issue, of course, I need so much help of my mentors, but for one we couldn't reproduce the problem, so it was evident that I needed to change, and for the other well, I passed like 3 days trying to solve it until Saturday morning I decided to start looking for new issues, I ask in a lot of repos and issues if I could contribute to them, because sometimes you take an issue, and after 1 day, the issue has been solved by someone else, so well, that's why most of the time I ask if I can work on them. Since yesterday I was working on the two issues, but for one reason I couldn’t solve them, I ask for some admins or authors of the repo for help, but well of course sometimes or most of the time, they take too much to answer, so I asked some other inside Encora to help me, but even like that has been very difficult, actually at the moment I haven't made a PR, I am so disappointed with me because I don't know what is happening to me, or if maybe I am getting issue so difficult, I have never worked with the open-source before, and it is more difficult than I thought.

Today I will talk with my staff from the academy because I am blocked, and tomorrow the second part of the phase will start, and I haven’t finished my assignments for the first part. I have learned too much, and that has been thanks to my mentors and the people that have helped me during these two weeks but is not enough, there is still too much to learn and to do, I will try my best to at least finished my PR’s for the next few days.

Please send your good vibes, and if you ever decide to get into the world of Open Source, my respects guys!