The final week of the Building something from scratch phase.

We did it!! Yes, today we had our hands off, that mean that we deliver the system to the client, as we saw it, we cover all the functions that were required. We haven’t received a feedback from the client but the staff congrats us, because it was a difficult task, even we had many troubles and difficulties at the begging, I thought that we did a great job.

I am more than thankful for finally work on a team project, I have never developed something as a team, and neither apply agile methods, but that’s what I learned, I experience my first project as what I think is going to be to work on a group as a Encora.

Please always take your precautions and deploy at least one week before the deadline, hehehe, we had many troubles with CORS that was kind of tricky to solve, and on our last demo on Friday some stuff broke because some blocked by CORS, we solved it by adding some info on the headers that way it will allow us the pass.

I am mora than thankful for participate and being part of this team we had highs and lows, but at the end we support each other and raise together to finish the system.

Thanks “Muelitas" team!




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Eduardo Zamarrón

Eduardo Zamarrón

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