You know nothing, John Doe.

Eduardo Zamarrón
3 min readJan 5, 2021


Hello there, first of all, Happy New Year!. Definitely, 2021 will be much better than the past year, so my best wishes to all of you.

Well on this week I took a “break”, and I put it in quotes because actually this week I was studying and keep reviewing some PR’s. On Tuesday the staff come with a surprise, and they gave us holidays, that was great because has been 3 months of hard work and learning, so we had a few days to take a break, but I decided to study because on the same day the staff made me an evaluation interview, it was about some basic concepts of the programming, they divided the interview into a few sections, such as agile methods, computer science, algorithms, etc.

Well, when we finalized the interview I noted that there were a lot of terms and theoretical terms that I don’t know. That's why I decided to take a little time to study more and is started studying some concepts of JS, like prototype and closure. The first one refers to how we use the inheritance in JS, I haven’t finished studying this because is kind of difficult to understand, but let's remind that Javascript is an object-oriented programming language, and it is based on prototypes. In a few words means that the objects are not created by instantiating classes but by cloning other objects, this way, existing objects can serve as prototypes for which the programmer needs to create. Is a very difficult term, and I hope I can explain it better to you in a few days. The other term was closure another complicated term to explain, actually if you google it, there are not short definitions of the word, many different sources give different answers, here I leave you the link where you can read a post that I wrote my self explaining the term, it is in Spanish hope you can understand it, but in a very few words, a closure is nothing but FUNCTION WITH PRESERVED DATA. Please give a try to the post, and if it doesn't get clear text me and I will try to do my best explaining to you.

Another concept that I studied was OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), and SOLID. This two concept was asked in the section of programming paradigms, this is where I think I failed the most, I didn't know anything about programming paradigms, and still, need to keep studying but at least I think I have learned about those 2 terms.

OOP is a programming paradigm that uses objects in its interactions to design applications and computer programs. Exists 4 pillars in the OOP which are the bases of it; those are abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance. Abstractions refer to think wich attributes and methods, our classes are going to have; the next one is encapsulation, it’s nothing but how our classes communicate if they are going to have private methods or attributes, if they could be modified, etc. This with the propose to keep everything more secure. Polymorphism consists of getting an object of a class to behave as an object of any of its subclasses, depending on how you call the methods of such class or subclasses. The last one is inheritance this could be the easiest to understand because the concept is similar to the real world, as an example, I inherited from my father many stuff such as attributes or way to do some things, but in the end, I am not an exact copy of my fathers, because I have my own attributes and methods, I still do some actions as my father, but there are others that not. That's how inheritance works in programming, we can create subclasses inherited from a class, having their same attributes and methods, plus some of their own.

There are still much more concepts to study, but these are just a few, if you would like to know more about which questions they asked me, or more basic concepts of the programming, feel free to text me and I will share with you this, that will help me to learn more about those concepts.

Cheers, my friends, and again HAPPY 2021!!